Got all the items in week 1 quiz….not bad for a start.

My research topics

I have decided to take on the Gapminder data set for the Stats course. ¬†I am most interested in associating “Democracy” level of each country with people’s incomes, as may be measure by their employment, including female employment, GDP per capita or the income per person. ¬†Moreover, it is interesting to see how “democracy” is associated with Internet use, and life expectancy.

For the second construct, in relation to employment and income, I thought it’s about democracy and the “quality” of life as may be measured by life expectancy, oil consumption per person, residential electricity consumption, and number of Internet users.

Just testing how SAS works…

Just testing how SAS works…

I just created this blog for the Passion Driven Statistics course in Coursera Wesleyan University